Human resources

Employment Ideality

Grasps "the respect people's value, the potential of exploitation, sublimation of soul" talent work purpose, the LEITAI  into an organization all rivers run into sea, in the organization, ordinary people into good people, good to great, a steady stream of people here to realize his life dream.

Train and bring up a team to win the market, create organization lead, lead the value orientation, has a sense of mission and sense of responsibility of the personnel, to support the realization of the strategic objectives, LEITAI  is constant pursuit.

LEITAI  put talent development in a strategic height, and continuously provide the opportunity to learn, work opportunities for staff, the opportunity to challenge themselves, this is one of the largest respect, LEITAI  is the greatest good to employees.

LEITAI  efforts to optimize the talent selection, training, use, retention, mechanism, emphasize the performance oriented user, science evaluation selection, comprehensive multi-level training, fully excavate the potential of people, do men.

LEITAI  cherish their inner dream and pursuit, because have a dream to more dynamic and more creative, more have the impetus of transcending the other organizations and individuals, achieve the sublimation of ego state.

All follow the "people-oriented, driven by population growth, respect the humanistic spirit, to improve people's life" business philosophy, LEITAI  all business activities for people to live better.

This is LEITAI  people to work, the meaning of life, growth, and LEITAI  higher level of spiritual pursuit.